KWAYE - What Have You Done (Dance Music Video)

Dancentricity dance music video by KWAYE for his song titled What Have You Done.

Dancentricity presents KWAYE and the dance inspired music video to his song titled What Have You Done from his upcoming two song EP titled Love & Affliction.

KWAYE - What Have You Done

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Chaka Khan - Like Sugar (Dance Music Video)

Dancentricity music television presents a dance music video by Chaka Khan for her song titled Like Sugar

Dancentricity is pleased to present the latest dance music video by Chaka Khan for her song titled titled Like Sugar. Enjoy!

Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

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John Orpheus - Wey Ya Call Dat Ting? (Music Video)

Dancentricity music video by John Orpheus for song titled Wey Ya Call Dat Thing?

Here is a fun dance music video by John Orpheus to his song titled Wey Ya Call Dat Ting?

The video was directed by Josh Haggarty and Fred Yurichuk. The dancers include John Orpheus and Sarah Riegler with a crew of fly boys from Ghana and Nigeria. Enjoy!

John Orpheus - Wey Ya Call Dat Ting?

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Music Video Credits
Directed and shot by Josh Haggarty and Fred Yurichuk
Edited by Fred Yurichuk

Dancer Credits
Percy Anane-Dwumfou - Instagram - @percivalkwabena
Olakunle Adewale - Instagram @amefrica
Derrick Okwelogu - Instagram @egusiboy_certified

Song Credits
Produced, recorded and mixed by Mike Schlosser for Little Noise Records.
Written by Mike Schlosser and John Orpheus
West African rhythms by Sarah Riegler

Kiesza - Hideaway (One Shot Dance Music Video)

Dancentricity presents Kiesza and her dance music video to her song titled Hideaway

A one shot music video, with no edits, seems like a great indie tool for those on a budget who don't have the cash for an editor. But, it usually takes much more planning, choreography, dozens of failed tries and complicated hard work than most would think.

With that said, just below is one of the greatest One Shot Music Videos of all time by a true indie out of Canada named Kiesza.

It was this debut single released by the Lokal Legend indie label that had such a strong impact that it  successfully launched Kiesza's career.

Kiesza - Hideaway

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Nai Palm - Homebody (Fire Dance Music Video)

Nai Palm music video for Homebody, Nai Palm Fire Dance, Dancentricity, Album title Needle Paw

Dancentricity is proud to present Nai Palm and her fire dance music video for her song titled Homebody, which is track #12 from her first ever solo album titled Needle Paw. For those who don't recognize Nai Palm's name, she is the lead singer in the very unique and eccentric Australian funk/soul/jazz/fusion band known as Hiatus Kaiyote.

Nai Palms solo album is a stripped down minimalist departure from the wild sounds of Hiatus Kaiyote.

Nai Palm - Homebody

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